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Measure ROI On Advertising

A better way to measuring your ROI on Advertising

One of the most amazing things I find when working with small businesses is that they have nothing in place to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. If your spending hundreds or thousands a month on advertising, wouldn’t you want to know what your return on investment is, as well as which advertising mediums are most effective?

One of the best solutions to accomplish this is to initiate call tracking into your advertising.  One that not only monitors the number of calls, but also records the conversation (disclosure may be required to the caller in certain states).  Below are the main reasons you should consider taking this added step.

1. You will get to see how many calls a particular advertising campaign is bringing in.

2. You will be able to monitor the ability of your staff to handle those calls properly when received.

3. You will be able to track the sales that come from those calls, allowing you to see your return on investment in any particular advertising campaign.

 call tracking

This is not something that costs major amounts of money, in fact can be done typically for pennies on the dollar of your advertising costs.  Taking this extra step may be the most helpful thing you can do to improve your knowledge into which types of advertising work best for your business, as well as any training that may be needed for your staff on fielding phone calls of potential customers.


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