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Be the Haystack, not the Needle!

Today you have many options to get your business exposure online, yet I see many companies doing only one or two things.  I labeled this blog post “Be the haystack not the needle” for just that reason.  If you are the needle, and people have to search to hard to find you  when looking for your product or service, you are going to lose!

The fact is most businesses do not know what to do, and therefore typically buy some form of online advertising from someone that calls them. Unfortunately, it ends up being one product and one avenue to get exposure. A typical example would be getting a phone call from one of the dying phone book services, that are now pushing their services online.  They pitch you with all the things that sound correct, like, less people are using phone books, you need to get your business online, and so on. While this all sounds good,  if you purchase their service,  you are still advertising your business through one available channel.

When you think of advertising on the internet, you have to first think of what are the most popular search engines people use.  Most will be using one of the big 3, Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  Then ask yourself, how deep will they have to dig to find your information?  Statistics show most people will not pass the first page of the 1000s of results that come up.  This is why companies pay big dollars to get on page 1.  Just remember, the fewer clicks it takes for a prospect to find you, the better your odds of them coming to your site and you having the opportunity of earning that prospects business. This is why it is so crucial for your company to appear on the first page!

Now, here is the good news!  The majority of the search engines are focusing more on providing the person searching, with relevant information that is local to their search. This means the search engines are reading your computers IP address and giving you back more results that are local.  So with that being said, you want to spend your budget advertising online over multiple channels, having your content titled and tagged with the correct keywords, and your location.

Let’s look at all the ways you can put information online, and you will get the idea of what I am talking about. There are PPC ads, Search Engine business listings, Online Directories, Video Channels, Social Media Sites, Blogs, Book Marking Sites, and Websites, to name a few.  So why limit the success of your business to just one or two.  If you use all the platforms, wouldn’t you have a much better chance of people finding your company, product, and service?  This is especially true if you are a local company, meaning you get the majority of your business within a 10-15 mile radius of your establishment.

So, I suggest spreading your advertising budget over multiple channels. This will give you multiple opportunities show up on page one, when someone locally searches for your product or service.

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