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  • Measure ROI On Advertising

    A better way to measuring your ROI on Advertising

    One of the most amazing things I find when working with small businesses is that they have nothing in place to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. If your spending hundreds or thousands a month on advertising, wouldn’t you want to know what your …

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  • Mobile Site QR Code

    Drive Traffic & Prospect Interaction with QR Codes!

    QR (quick response) Codes are an exciting addition to advertising with the growth of the Smart Phone market. These crazy looking blocks are popping up on almost every form of promotional material, and can lead your prospect to any form of information you choose that …

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  • Grand Slam Marketing Philadelphias Premier Internet Marketing Company. Fishing Trip.

    Have fun while marketing your business!

    With the technological advancements in the cameras that are built into smart phones, you can now have fun promoting your business and not look like an amateur.  Capture photos at events, before and after shots of a project, and so much more.  Share these photos …

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  • Haystack

    Be the Haystack, not the Needle!

    Today you have many options to get your business exposure online, yet I see many companies doing only one or two things.  I labeled this blog post “Be the haystack not the needle” for just that reason.  If you are the needle, and people have …

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