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Mobile Site QR Code

Drive Traffic & Prospect Interaction with QR Codes!

QR (quick response) Codes are an exciting addition to advertising with the growth of the Smart Phone market. These crazy looking blocks are popping up on almost every form of promotional material, and can lead your prospect to any form of information you choose that is stored on the web. Curiosity kills the cat, as people will scan them just to see where they lead.

Uses can include, directing one to your company website, a webcard containing your personal or business contact information, your address to get driving directions, event registration, promotions and more. The biggest mistake I see companies make with QR Codes, is they lead people to a webpage or website that is not designed for mobile viewing. Remember, when using these QR Codes on your advertisements that you prospects and customers will be scanning these codes with their smart phone, and therefore the information they are directed to should be created in a format suitable for mobile viewing. If you want to create a simple webpage for your viewable content just set your page width to about 320-350 pixels wide, and it will view fine.


There are many QR Code generators available on line, and free of charge. However, if you want to track the analytics of your QR Code, I suggest you go to Googles URL shortener at type in the URL you want to shorten, then get the shortened code, the system will provide you with a QR code. If you use this QR code on your promotions, you can come back and monitor how many people viewed it, as well as where the device that viewed it was from. It is pretty cool.

For one to scan one of these QR Codes, they must have a QR Code Reader application on their mobile device. There are many of these applications available to any smart phone user through their app store, and are free of charge. Above are some examples of how you can use QR Codes to direct your prospect or customer to the destination of your choice!

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