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How To Get Rid Of Negative Reviews

see-our-reviewsSmall businesses spend countless dollars and resources creating advertising campaigns designed to appeal to, and gain the attention of prospects who are seeking their product or service. The steps a prospect takes after they find a company that offers the product or service they want, is what most businesses fail to address. Statistics and surveys show the majority of prospects proceed to go online and research what others have experienced when dealing with that company, and the service or product they provide. They do this through a simple search of the company name and the town where they are located, and maybe even the word reviews. According to the “April 2012 Nielson’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey, 70% of consumers trust online posts and reviews by others more than any other source of advertising with the exception of a recommendation from someone they know.

In the event your prospects find no reviews, unfavorable or average reviews, they will most likely return to start their search over. Likely leading them to a competitor with a more favorable online reputation. So my question is, why would you spend money on advertising campaigns, to attract prospects to only have them see reviews that turn them away?

You cannot remove reviews about your company that are left by others. Your only hope is that you can communicate with that customer and offer what is needed for them to have a more favorable view on your company, and hopefully changing their review rating. Your only other option is to have new customers rate their experience on the same web site, in essence burying the bad review among several good ones.

Alleviating negative reviews starts by building a 5 Star Reputation within your company. Your employees and staff need to understand that the #1 priority of your business is to give your customers a great experience every time they come in contact with company at any level, regardless of if they use your service or buy your product. A great experience will lead to a raving fan which will lead to an incredible amount of referrals for your business.

You need to have a system in place to monitor what others post about your business online. If you have no way of monitoring this, how will you know if someone leaves a bad review? How many people will see it and be turned away from doing business with you before you find it? Again, back to wasting your advertising dollars.

You need to have a pulse on your business. Customer follow up and engagement will encourage a customer to leave positive experience reviews while giving you the opportunity to address any negative experiences in a timely fashion. All making your company less susceptible to negative opinions being voiced online.

Lastly, you need to promote your positive reviews. Although you cannot post reviews for your clients on their behalf, you can exploit the ones they give you. With their permission you can share them on your website, on your social media pages, newsletters and other channels like video. Together this will build your online reputation for others to view, and make it easy for them to choose you over your competition.

It’s an ongoing process. Since the internet is only a few clicks away from anyone at anytime either by computer or mobile device, your reputation is viewable and at risk 24/7. Even if your reputation is great today, you are only one bad review away from it all going away. The companies that win big going forward will have a system in place that Monitor, Manage and Promote a 5 Star Reputation!

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