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Information Seekers = Traffic but Action Takers = Money!

After spending many 100s or even 1000s of dollars on a website, many small businesses are astonished to find out that they can often convert more visitors from a one page website, than one they paid so much more for. In this post I want to help you understand how and why this is possible.

Let’s first analyze a typical prospect or website visitor. In my opinion website visitors can be divided into two categories, one being an “Information Seeker”, and the other being an “Action Taker”. Let’s look at the differences in the two. The “Information Seeker” will visit your site with interest in your product or service, however, are primarily seeking information, and typically are not ready to make a buying decision. The other type of visitor is the “Action Taker”, they come to your site looking to make sure you offer what they want or need, and are ready to buy. So now that we understand the difference in these two types of visitors, ask yourself, is the typical website designed for the “Information Seeker” or the “Action Taker”?

Almost every site you visit is designed for the “Information Seeker”. These sites are packed with information about products and services, and can entertain someone for an hour or better with the right content. While this site may offer a great representation of all a company has to offer, they are typically not designed for the “Action Taker”, and here is why. When an “Action Taker” arrives at a site, they are typically looking for one particular thing, and want to find it with ease. Secondly, they want to know your phone number, your address, and your hours of operation. Remember, they are ready to buy!

How do we capture the “Action Taker”? Actually it is more simple than you may think. Start off by making a list of each of your companies products or services. Next, ask yourself what problem does each product or service offer a solution for? Write these problems down next to each product or service. Lastly, ask yourself, if I had this problem what would I be typing into the search bar on my computer to obtain a solution? You will be amazed at how many of the search terms you come up with, match the problems you listed next to each product or service. Now, if you do a little homework with Google and research which of these keywords get the most traffic, you will have all you need to design a killer one page website.

The design of your web page should only focus on one product or service and include the following. One, a list of bullet points that illustrate the solutions to your visitors problems. Two, a large phone number, with a call to action, like “CALL NOW”. Third, easy to find address and hours of operation. Lastly, finish off your web page with a URL, Title, and Description that includes the keywords people search the most. You will not only have a site that ranks well, but converts well! After all, this is what your looking for, a site or web page that converts prospects into paying customers.

We find these one page sites to be extremely effective in the trade industries, where almost every field in the trade industry can supply an answer to an emergency with their service. For example, someone has a pipe break in the middle of the night and is in need of a plumber that has 24/7 emergency service. I can tell you right now that person will search for “Emergency Plumber” or “Emergency Plumbing Service” in their area. I can also tell you that while most plumbers in the area may offer these services, they will not have their website optimized for these terms. So, by having a one page site that is created and titled for this service within a geographical area, it will not only rank well, but will have a great conversion rate, resulting in business to you the customer.

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