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Media Services

Let’s face it, we all get excited about media coverage of ourselves or our business. Why, most of all because it makes us feel special, but more importantly because the association with any news coverage immediately portrays superiority and authority for you or your company, positioning you as an expert in the eyes of our prospects. Unfortunately, most professionals and small businesses wait for someone to notice them and come to them for a story. We believe in just the opposite, helping you take your news to them.

Our Media packages offer many opportunities for you and your company to gain major visibility and separate yourself from your competition. From Interviews on nationally syndicated radio shows to Press Releases and Spotlight Articles, we offer solutions to get your stories out on dozens of major media news channel affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN and more. Your affiliation with these trusted media sources establishes immediate expert and authority positioning with your customers and prospects, leaving them wanting to do business with you over your competition.


Our Media Package Choices Include:


  • A 1 on 1 recorded interview for Business Innovators Radio & Online Magazine
  • A published Press Release on Authority Press Wire announcing your interview or any other newsworthy event with syndication to dozens of major news affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox News.
  • 100 Full Glossy Re-prints of your story to use in your marketing with Your photo on the front cover.
  • A Complete Report with links to your Interview & Press Release posts.
  • Bonus Coverage Spotlight Article of your business in Small Business Trendsetters.
  • An Authority Building library of emails and swipe files to maximize your exposure with your clients and social media audience.

Why Wait? The Media Networks Are Not Going To Come Knocking On Your Door!

Call us today at 267-446-4327 and lets discuss how we can position you as the authority and expert in your field, standing out from your competition and giving your prospects a reason to do business with you!

*Each media source has their own stipulations and guidelines on use of their logos and should be reviewed
prior to use.

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