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Mobile Apps

Do you have an App for that?

Unless you have your head buried in the sand, you are aware of how mobile technologies are exploding, and it’s not a passing fad.  As statistics continue to show we are all becoming more dependent on our mobile devices as our main form of communications, it is forcing companies to rethink both their marketing strategies as well as how they handle their customer communications.

A mobile application offers your company the opportunity to participate in this mobile revolution, connecting your business with your customers like never before.  Think of a mobile app as the perfect marriage between your website, email, and social media platforms all wrapped into one.  Provide great value and functionality in your mobile application, and your customers will want to have it.  Imagine, your customers carrying your business in their pocket, giving you the power to communicate with them at will. Delivering promotions, Event Notifications, and more.

Here are a few ideas that can be integrated into a mobile application, to provide functionality, and value, having your customer ready to download!

  • set appointments
  • purchase products
  • make reservations
  • driving directions
  • loyalty promotions
  • view upcoming events
  • view your menu
  • voice mail reviews
  • social network sharing
  • …and more!

Mobile Applications for Small BusinessView some sample apps by clicking on the photo on the right , click on arrow, then enter the following names in the email section of the app, and leave the password blank.

  • Bar & Grill – enter “Sharkees” as email
  • Restaurant – enter “Nesai” as email
  • Real Estate – enter “Torelli” as email

*note that when you are viewing the app you can click on the lower buttons to see functions as well as slide the buttons from right to left to view more.

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