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More mobile phone users are purchasing smart phones, and are using these phones to search for your product or service online.  The problem is most small businesses have not yet made this transition, with their website.  If your website was created over 2 years ago, it is most likely not set up to respond to mobile devices.  This means your website does not convert to the smaller screen sizes of mobile devices, therefore what was designed to normally be viewed on a 12-24 inch screen is now being reduced to fit on a 2-3 inch screen.  Although these sites can be viewed on a mobile device, the visitor has to expand and scroll the content, making it difficult to navigate, leading to an inconvenient and frustrating experience, which results in most visitors leaving these sites in a very short period of time.  This has business owners scrambling to have their  existing website revised to make it responsive to mobile devices, or creating a separate mobile site, which is linked to their current site, but automatically redirects mobile visitors to the mobile website.

Why is it so important for small businesses to adapt?  While someone who is viewing your site while sitting at their desk, is more likely to spend time viewing the content on your product or service, those on a mobile device will not. Most mobile users are on the go, and are primarily looking for directions, phone numbers, hours of operation and discounts.

Mobile Website DesignIf you have not done so, we would encourage you to view your website on a mobile device.  Then ask yourself, was it a pleasant experience, was the site easy to view and navigate, or  was it an experience that left you frustrated and wanting to leave?  If you’re in need of a mobile website solution for your business, we would enjoy the opportunity to create a compelling design that your prospects and customers will enjoy visiting!

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