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Grand Slam Marketing offers a variety of Online Marketing and Internet Advertising services for small business in Sellersville and the surrounding Greater Philadelphia region. Our goal is to identify which marketing strategies will give your business the best return on investment. This is done through obtaining an understanding of your products or service offerings, and your target market.  Once we have established which marketing strategies are best suited for your product or service, our mission is to create a successful marketing campaign by addressing these two key questions:

1. What is it that your prospect is looking for, and how can you help them obtain it with your product or service?

If you spend time identifying and communicating these solutions with your website or advertisement content, you will increase your conversion rate of visitors to customers.

2. What are the proper Keywords to use in the content of your advertisement?

Since the Keywords are what the search engines recognize to rank your advertisement, the selection of the proper Keywords for your content is extremely important.  What are Keywords?  Keywords are defined as, the terms that prospects are typing into their search bar when looking for your product or service.  While you may think this is an easy task, targeting the wrong keywords will prove to be very costly, and not deliver the results or ROI you are looking for.

After identifying the answers to these questions, then and only then can we formulate an effective advertising campaign as part of the following services.


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