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Linked Display Ads

Bring Your Craig’s List or BackPage ad to the first page of Google local search results!

You may have never advertised your business on Craigs List or BackPage, and if you did, you probably have not had your advertisement appear like this.  We create and code display ads for your business that can link directly to your website or a lead capture page.  These Display Ads are more appealing than a plain text ad, show professionalism, and lead to higher conversion rates!

Your initial thought may be, “My clientele would not search for my product or service on Craig’s List or BackPage.”  Although these ads are placed on Craig’s List and BackPage, they are not designed to draw your prospects just from those sites. Instead, we leverage the power of these high traffic sites, in combination with the proper tagging and titling, to have these ads appear on the first page of search results when someone locally is looking for your product or service. This is something that you have probably never seen, but we can prove to you it works!

Below is a sample of a Linked Display Ad.  Click on it and see how the prospect is taken directly to the company website.  This form of online advertising offers a fantastic value for small business and provides another opportunity for your business to be on page 1 of a google local search.  Give us a call at 267.446.4328 and we will design one for you.

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