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PPC Advertising

Google_logo_transparentWe are often asked, How can I get my business on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE search results today?  The answer is pay per click advertising. Grand Slam Marketing offers complete Adword Account setup, including Keyword Research, Targeted Geographic Region, Ad Creation and Ad Performance monitoring.



It all starts with our company doing the homework to see what it is people are typing in to the search bar when looking for your product or service.  We research this information and provide you with this information to build your ad campaign.

Geographically Targeted

Select the geographic areas you wish to target with your advertisements. Pick a radius from a particular town, or select individual zip codes.  Either way, your advertisement will be presented to those interested in your product or service within the area(s) you select.

Ad Creation

After establishing the list of keywords we then build a number of compelling ads that are built around those keywords that entice people to click on them, driving traffic to your website.

Management & Monitoring

We monitor your ad campaign on a weekly basis, reviewing those ads and the cost of those ads, fine tuning as needed so you can get the best return for the money you are spending.  Providing you with all your Advertising statistics, including Impressions (number of times your ad was presented) along with Clicks (number of times someone clicked on your ad and was directed to your site) on a monthly basis.

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