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Once you have your website in place the next question is how do you drive traffic to your site?  After all, just a website without any advertising will only attract those that know who you are.  The purpose of your website it to attract prospects who do not know who you are, but are looking for your product or service.

One of the key ingredients to gaining online exposure and increased website traffic is Search Engine and Online Directory listings.  While this provides one of the most affordable ways to increase your companies online visibility, we find it to be one of the biggest missed opportunities for small businesses. There are many search engines that people search from, and not having your company listed with them is a big NO NO!  If your company does not appear in search results when someone is looking for your product or service locally, you will constantly lose business to your local competitors!  This is the first step we take in helping your company establish an online presence.


With our “Locally Affordable” program we will have your company listed with the BIG 3 search engines, under the primary categories one would search when looking for your product or service. In addition, we will have your business information populated among 350 online directories,  listing your company name, address, phone number and website, under your primary business category.  We have witnessed this action alone bringing companies websites to the front page of Google local search results through the backlinks these listings create!

Online-Directories-Word-CloudOnce your company is listed in these directories, customers will have the opportunity to leave reviews, something that can be both beneficial and harmful to your online reputation. Our company will not only monitor your reviews, but can also provide ideas to help you obtain them.  In addition we will notify you when anything new is posted online with your company name that can impact your business in a negative way.  This will give you the opportunity to address and correct the issue and maintain a positive reputation online.

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