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Website Design

Having a website for your business is the first step to validating your business with prospects who have not done business with you in the past, but are looking for your product or service online. Your website is the online presentation of your company. You want your visitors to have both a great impression and experience when arriving. To insure this happens, make sure to include the following:

A Professional Appearance

You know the old expression, you often only get one chance to make a first impression. Does a poor looking website mean the company does not have a great product or service?  No, but it will give most that impression.

Responsive or Mobile Design

As more of your prospects and customers access the internet via their mobile devices, you want to make sure that your site is responsive (meaning it automatically converts to fit a mobile device) or built for mobile ( a separate, stripped down version of your desktop site that your customers are directed to through coding that reads the device they are using to access your site )

Easy Navigation

It should be easy for your prospect to locate your key products and services. People came to your website in search of a solution to a problem, don’t make it difficult for them to find it.

Contact Information

The real purpose of your website is to convert traffic into customers. So make it easy for your visitors to connect with you. Visible phone number, address, hours of operation, contact forms are a absolute must.

Opportunity For Interaction

Offer something of value to your prospect in exchange for their contact information.  This can be anything from a newsletter to a video, a white paper or ebook.  This will give you the opportunity to connect with visitors that have interest in what you have to offer, but may just not be ready to buy at the current time.  In addition, give them the opportunity to connect and follow what you have to say on your social media pages.

A Blog

Sharing your expertise on your site will not only be additional content to be picked up by the search engines, it will provide valuable information to you visitors, building trust in you and your company.  Allowing them to comment on your posts, will encourage involvement, and can be the deciding factor that converts that prospect to a customer when they are ready to purchase your product or service.

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