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Your Online Reputation May Be Costing You Money!

Monitoring, Managing and Promoting a 5 Star Reputation online is no longer an option but a necessity for small business survival in today’s market place. It’s an ongoing process that needs to be a part of each small businesses marketing stategy. Since the internet is only a few clicks away from anyone at anytime either by computer or mobile device, your reputation is viewable and at risk 24/7. Even if your reputation is great today, you are only one bad review away from it all going away.

Our all in one service helps your company build and maintain a 5 Star Reputation, and includes:

  • An initial Free Report – this report reflects what social & business directories your business appears, and pulls a list of any negative reviews that currently exist online.
  • 24/7 Monitoring of the top 25+ sites where people leave reviews including automated email notifications when someone leaves a review.
  • A Feedback & Review Web Page for your business – Promoted by emails, postcards and flyers for your company to take a pro-active stance in engaging with your customers by encouraging them to leave feedback and rate their experience with your company. This page also screens reviews, and asks the
    client to share a 4 & 5 Star reviews online to the social media or business directory listing of your choice.
  • Automated emails notifying you each time someone completes the feedback/review form – Providing you the opportunity to immediately respond to any negative feedback or reviews.
  • Automated thank you emails once they complete the web page form – Encouraging those who left negative feedback or reviews to contact the manager of your choice to resolve any issues.
  • Automated website and social media posts of your positive reviews promoting your 5 Star Reputation to┬áthose who follow you and visit your site.
  • Professional Hollywood style videos of your 5 Star Reviews syndicated to media channels such as YouTube, and others of your choice.
  • A complete video training course for your staff on how to build and maintain a 5 Star Reputation among your clients. This serves two purposes, the first letting your staff know you are serious about about your clients getting the best service available when dealing with your company, and secondly making them aware you are monitoring that experience through customer engagement.

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